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My Es300 Runs Bad After Sludge Clean

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hi guys

Wonder if someone could help me please.. I recently bought a 93 ES300 for my son to use as i already have a GS300 and I love the brand.

Problem is that i read up that the older Es model suffers from dreaded "sludge" which worried me as the car has 140k on the clock and it has a patchy service.

I wanted to give the car a service myself and I thought i would take off the top cover of the engine and it looked pretty sludged up in there.

So I have cleaned it all up and whilst performing an oil change i thought I would run some soapy hot water through the engine to give it a good clean.. and leave it to drain overnight, looks real clean now!! amazing :)

I have topped it all up with oil and changed all the other parts (filter and plugs etc.)

problem is now when I start the car she sounds rough as hell.

Anyone know what could be the cause of why she is running so bad? Sounds like some tap dancing!



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wow man they tearing you up on that soap ish...... real talk you thought soap clean an engine never came to thought metals dont like water, wondering how rust forms? well i hope the engine dont lock on you man and just learn from this many people do no so smart things :huh:

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You know from the wording their either English or Aussie. Whilst? Come On!!

I vote not real.

No, probably just retarded...

Retardation is a birth brain disorder that cannot be corrected by surgery, medication, or any other form of medical/neurological intervention. Although your use of the word in this instance is an attempt to add humor, it only perpetuates a cruel stereotype of those without over those with.

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