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Reset Tire Pressure On Toggle 2 Which Is Not Initialized / Registered

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Hi all - seeking opinions on how to shut off or reset the tire pressure warning light for the second set of tires. Second set of snow tires are on a second set of rims with no TPMS in them. This light should never have gone off since the switch was never registered or initialized on the second toggle. For the first 2-3K miles everything worked great then the warning light came on when my speed exceeded 80 MPH. To correct, I simply toggled the switch from the first set back to the second and the low tire pressure warning light went off. Just the first time....

Another road trip, car exceeded the same MPH, now this time the tire pressure warning light will not go off or reset itself. Local Lexus dealer claims the spare in the trunk has zero effect on this warning and if I toggle the switch too much, the light will stay on. Any thoughts?

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If I read correctly, you want to know how to get rid of the warning light when your second set of wheels (which have no sensors in them) are mounted on the car. Yes?

There are two ways to rid yourself of this light:

1. purchase a set of four TPMS sensors and have them installed on those wheels.

2. put a little piece of black electrical tape over the icon until you switch back to your sensored set of wheels.

unfortunately, there is no way to deactivate the light when registered sensors are not mounted on the wheels being used on the car.


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