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P1135 On Lexux Es 300

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- I have a Lexus ES 300

- 2002 model

- It has 93K miles

- Engine Check light is ON

I went to get my emission test and they said my car failed

and they gave an error code as "P1135"

- How easy is it to fix it ?

- Can it be fixed my self ? ( I am not an expert, but can give a try if its an easy fix )

- Or is it better to take to a dealer ?( I know they rip off with charges), any other recommendations ?

- How much would it be to fix this P1135 error code ?

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The bank 1 oxygen sensor is on the back of the engine near the firewall. It can be replaced fairly easily; however, access is somewhat restricted and may be frustrating to an inexperienced mechanic. The cost of this can be as low as $50 (DIY) or as much as $200 (perhaps more at a dealer).

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Denso AF oxygen sensor cost $72.99 ea Click here I manage to replace both sensor. the one to the firewall is a little difficult. I was directly on top of the engine to disconnect the wire harness and went underneath for the sensor. Alot of back pain but save alot of money.

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