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94 Ls400Power Antenna Repaired For Less Than $20!

Larry W

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For about 6 months I was a little upset that my power antenna was broken. It was stuck in the up position about 18 inches which meant I could no longer go to my favorite car wash (when I got lazy or needed a quick wash). I was checking online when I came across " I looked up my car (94 LS 400) and saw a replacement antenna with a new plastic feed line for only......$12.50 plus $5.00 to ship it! My antenna motor was still cycling when I shut the engine off so I thought I would give it a try. Received the part and went over the very detailed instructions. There was even an 800 number if I couldn't understand the explicit instructions. It is best to remove the antenna assembly from the car (suggest wearing vinyl gloves-very greasy). I took the cover off and found the old cable "broken" and curled up in the base of the antenna. Removed the pieces and put the unit back together. Re-installed the antenna and had my son power the unit up and then shut the power off. I fed the "new" cable inside the antenna housing from the top of the fender and it WORKED. It pulled the cable down and I lined up the antenna until it was ready to go into the housing. It continued to pull the cable and the remainder of the antenna in until it was flush again (hadn't seen that in 6 months). Next had my son power up the antenna and it rose to the occasion. My LS is in excellent condition having always been garaged and waxed frequently (110k miles as of yesterday). I continued this tradition so you know this antenna issue was quite annoying. By the way we called Lexus of Pembroke Pines and the antenna assembly is $435.00 plus $240 labor and its special order. Any day you don't have to visit the dealer is a good day!

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