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Help Me Sun Roof Problem


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Hello every one

I have problem with my Lexus sc430 2006 and the issue happened while i driving in slow speed my son pressed the sunroof's button and stopped. after that i tried to closed it but not close to the end . It like need to rest or sth like that.

what should i do.

thanks in advance

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there should be a reset method in the manual? The way I remember to do it in my RX 330 was to hold the button to slide open the sunroof so it fully opens continue to hold it will start to close allow it to go the whole cycle and then it should be fixed. :cheers: It's odd that it stopped working usually it happens after the battery goes dead or is changed.

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You're are not telling the complete story here. Your son pressing the button while the car was moving does not work. Unless the car is in park the switch will not function. There are two limit switches in the top of the windshield frame that can become damaged if you try to force the top closed. Please give ALL the facts and what you have tried to do and where it is stopping when you try to close it.

Looks like you thumb typed the question,,, how about giving up old guys the full words and not the shorthand????

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