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Steering Sticking On Es300

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I looked for another similar post but couldn't find any. Just recently (a few weeks ago), Chicago had a brutal blizzard with brutal weather. I'm not sure if my problem is related, but since then, my 2000 ES 300 steering has been acting up--I can move the steering wheel slightly left and right like I normally do, but if I make a turn, the steering gets sticky at a certain point right about halfway through the turn. I have to use both hands to make the turn, and then it returns to normal again once I straighten out the turn. Is there something wrong with my power steering fluid, or is this something more serious? Am I able to fix it myself?

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I'd check the power steering fluid first in the resevoir just above the coolant overflow tank next to the passenger side fender, then check for leaks at or under the pump. The pump sits on the passenger side just below #1 cyl, buried so to speak. Cardboard under that area. If the fluid is low and/or there is a leak, may want to try some power steering stop leak. The sticking half way through your turn seems unsusual, could possibly indicate a problem w/ the rack, or even the steering linkages. You could take it in (Lexus expensive just driving in, midas or precision tune might give you a free estimate) and get a hand's on opinion and then decide what to do.


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