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98 Es300 Door Lock Problems

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Hello all,

When raining, the locks of my es300 doesn't work properly :

1. Lock with key (yes)

2. Lock with manual actuator button (NO)

3. Unlock with key (yes)

4. Unlock with manual actuator button (yes)

5. Lock with remote (NO)

6. Lock with electrical lock switch (NO)

7. Unlock with remote (yes)

8. Unlock with electrical lock switch (yes)

In good weather, everything seems to be fine. Recently brought a visit to a Toyota garage (Have no Lexus dealer in neighbourhood), fixing price goes over $300 but they mentioned in their estimate "Micro Switch in Pass door not working - replacement required - Part # 84903-33120"

Is this switch located in pass door ? Initially, I thought it was in the driver's side door. Can somebody help me to find this part as I am not willing to spent $300 on a problem which appears only 'occasionally'. Thanks!

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HELLO GUYS, COULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN, WHAT YOU MEANT BY " If you like wrenching, why don't you try accessing the non functioning switch or switches, and just clean the contacts and reseat them?" I HAVE the same problem. not sure what to do.

please reply to:

otartako at

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High prob that there's a bad switch or switch contact. If you like wrenching, why don't you try accessing the non functioning switch or switches, and just clean the contacts and reseat them?



i have the same problem but not sure what to do. could you please explain, when you say : "try to access the non-functioning switches....or clean the contacts.....what is it excactly do you mean?

please reply to ; otartako at

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What lexislexus means is to pull the inner door panel and the plastic weather sheet. Pulling the door panel gets you to the power door lock switch. Use electrical contact cleaner spray to fire some fluid into the lock switch and then cycle it several times. Let the fluid evaporate before you turn on the ignition and try the locks.

While there clean the contacts for the wiring connector to the lock switch.

Frequently you can take the switch apaert to clean the contacts if the fluid trick doesn't work, but do that inside a large ziplock bag to catch any small parts that may fly apart and disappear.

The next thing to do is lubricate the lock assembly itself with WD40 or similar to free up any binding.

If all of that doesn't work, the lock actuator may have a bad/dirty motor that needs cleaning/replacing. Lock actuator motors themselves are cheap to buy ($6 on eBay), but can be involved to change out if you've never done one before. If the lock actuator needs replacing, your best bet is a used one from a wrecking yard. Good Luck!

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Guys, Hello, i have removed my interior door panel on my Lexus ES-300 (Front door driver side)..

the reason i have done it , because when i try to lock / unlock my car, all doors are fine, / as they lock and unlock, (open and close), but the driver front door does not open up.

when i opened up the door interior / in the inside / the metal rod came out and it is twisted or / looks like it is possibly bent. I am not sure how to access the door locking mechanism inside the door.

Please help, i am wondering if you might possibly have any pictures or link /s to a manual for Lexus ES-300 - MADE /sold in 1995??

Read more:

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If that locking rod is bent, pull the door panel on the passenger side and compare it to the bent one. Both will be exact opposites of each other. You may be able to rebend the driver's side one back to original. I've done this on several vehicles where they bent the lock rod when the doors were frozen in winter. A simple refiguring of the lock rod solved the problem.

The problem with Lexus is that their factory service manuals are $600 or more to buy, because they don't want you doing the work that they can charge you big bucks for. So beat them at their own game. Check YouTube for door lock fix videos for Toyota Camry's for 1997 - 01 (same generation as your ES300, they are basically the same car, and door interior parts are almost exactly the same).


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Hello, I have an 1998 Lexus ES 300, my problem is that on a sunny or hot day, my doors do not unlock, is there a temperature sensor on the door locks? Any other time, the doors work fine. Thank you in advance,bob

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There wouldn't be any temperature sensors on the doors but it could be down to heat expansion on the connector blocks possibly.
Would be worth disconnecting each connector on the doors and clean up to see if that improves things.
Alternatively it could be the remote fob that is at fault?

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