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Upgrade My 04Rx330 To 08 Rx350?

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I love my Rx330. I have had it about 4 years. It has 87000 miles on it..It needs the hood painted and the bumpers painted. It looks fine but I am very

fussy. My dh tried to fix some paint chips with touchup paint and it looks horrible. I was thinking of trading it on an 08. I can get a pretty good deal. Trade my 04 and 13000$ out the door. It will be a certified vehicle, has 54000 miles and the Navigation system. I would love a brand new but I dont have that kind of money laying around at the moment.. Do you all love the 08? Is the Navigation a nice feature? I am supposed to go and look at the 08 today. It is the Savannah color, anyone have that? is it a dark tan or light tan? Sorry for all the ?s but you guys always have answers here.

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It would not cost $13K to get your RX repainted in whatever color you want. The difference in mileage is not significant enough to justify the cost to upgrade to an 08 IMO. There is not THAT much that is different.

If you have not had any problems with the 330 by now then it will likely last another 87K miles.

The Nav is an arguable point here on LOC. Some like it, while some hate it. Nobody seems to "love" it. Do a search.

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I have to agree, the body styles of the 04 and 08 are 100% identical, and the difference in power and acceleration is minimal. The 07+ Nav systems are pretty nice, but not worth $13,000.

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Yeah I wouldn't spend $13,000 to get the exact same vehicle with simply 30,000 less miles. 30,000 miles is nothing on one of these cars.

To repaint the hood and bumper is MAYBE $1,000 at a good shop that will get you a good result...thats what I would do.

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