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97 Es300 Door Handle - Help Locating A Replacement

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I need help finding a replacement driver's side front door handle! Any suggestions? I've called every junk yard around with no luck, and I've scoured the internet trying to find anyone willing to sell me one. My car is black, but I'm about ready to just buy the first one I see regardless of the color.

Does anyone know if the Camry's handle will work? They look pretty much identical from what I can tell, and they're cheap and widely available.

This is driving me crazy- Any help is greatly appreciated!

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hi all. new member. i've got a '97 es300. i've got over 300k and runs good, considering. what's going on is the car will stutter when starting at a signal then clear up and move. however, it happens just about everytime i'm stopped at a signal. i plan on replacing the fuel filter. i figure always start with the cheapest part first. lastly, is there a diagram i can go to online that'll show me where the fuel filter is located? thank you. i'm located in southern calif. if ya wanna call, just let me know and i'll exchange numbes with ya.

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