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All Weather Mats


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I need to buy all wether mats for my Lexus RX350, 2009. Please let me know what is the best place in Metro Vancouver area to buy these mats.

Hello and welcome to the LOC. We're glad you're here.

Since I don't live in Vancouver, and this forum has members from Russia to Australia, it may be sometime before a local person will jump in. Therefore, I will tell you what my experience has been. I purchased my all-weather mats from my local dealer. The price was competitive,(sorry I don't remember the exact price at the moment) and it was convenient. A vendor that supports this forum, Sewell Lexus, has many accessories for all Lexus models and can be reached on the web or through this forum. They have good prices and selection and excellent service.

Another option would be E-Bay. Be sure your buying Lexus OEM mats to insure they will fit EXACTLY!


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I believe they stopped selling the all weather mats after the whole recall fiasco. Which is sad because I'd love to get some for my RX, I had them in my ES and they were excellent.

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I had the OEM Lexus all-weather mats for my 2003, they were nice. They sell them for the ES350 but they are much thinner and not as nice, because of the "sudden acceleration" fiasco.

I bought a set of WeatherTech all weather mats and they are GREAT. Really nice...and only $100 for all four...can't go wrong. Laser cut and precisely shaped for the car.

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