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Subwoofer Problem Ls 430


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Common problem. Rear Speaker (subwoofer) fails where the foam part of the speaker cone meets the plastic frame of the speaker.

Hot glue gun and silicone sealent has been proven to work by other forum users. I called a speaker expert and he recomended "rubber cement". I gently pryed the speaker cover off the rear deck. I found the tear as suspected. I covered the areas of the speaker from any glue drips and preceded to carefully brush the rubber cement around the whole perimiter of the speaker where the foam meets the plastic outer ring. Making sure that the tear was also fully covered. The repair really looked kind of nasty, eventhough I was very careful to not be messy. When the glued dried, much to my pleasant surprize, the glue had totally soaked into the foam and really formed a perfect! bond. One would never know that the speaker was repaired. Most important is that the subwoofer sounds perfect again. Saved a ton of money and more important a major project in removing and replacing the speaker.

Sum it up.. Work time? 10min. Materials" "Craft Bond" made by "Elmer's" "Rubber Cement" NOT! to be confused with "contact Cement.

My first posting. Hope I did it right, and that this offers yet another way to fix your speakers.

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