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Wheel Info For The Hs For Interchangeability


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Does anyone have the technical info for the HS250 wheels? Or for that matter tech. info on all Lexus/Toyota wheels? I have searched to no avail. What I need is:

1)Offset of the 7" wide wheels used on the base model.

2)Offset of the 7.5" wide wheels used on the Premium model.

3)Are the wheels lug or hub centric? Can they be both?

I am aware of the values for:

1)Bore Diameter = 60.1mm

2)The mounting Bolt Circle = 114.3mm(4.5") diameter

I would also like to know if there is any difference in the calibration of the odometer and related functions between the base and the Premium models. The Diameter of the tires on the Base model are theoretically 5/16" larger than the tires on the Premium. Not a great difference, but I would bet Lexus may very well calibrate each differently.

I need the offsets for both in order to determine if Lexus designed the different models for same track or same outside width. These values are necessary to determine proper spacers thickness (if any).

I am attempting to find a good set of 16" or 17" replacement wheel/tire combo with more and softer rubber in order to improve ride quality. My car rides poorly, but I like every thing else about it. The most promising wheels I have found are the 17" E-sport wheels for the ES and the 16" wheels used on the Camry.

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