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My E300 Has Issues.. Pls Help


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Hello all,

I have some issues on my 99 es300 with 160k miles on . Some time ago i had issues with the car stalling emmedialty after i started. It appeared to get better after i cleaned the IACV removing it cleaning.

Now when i start , it revs up to about 1500 when on automatic, but when i change it to nuetral it accelerates upto 2000-2500 rpm and drops with a air hissing sound? to about 500-750 and goes back up ,, accelerates makes that hissing air sound and drops .. keeps on doing that until i change it to automatic which then falls back to about 1000 rpm.

What i also noticed was when i turn off the engine , i hear kind a like a suction air release sound. it does everytime when the car is turned off.

i also smell some rubberish/plastic type smell and when i open the hood after driving for a shot distance, There appears to be lot of heat.

i also recd the CEL with code P0446 . Not sure if its all related to a Bad IACV or something else going on..

Anyone please let me know your thoughts. I need to get this fixed as i am overdue on inspection!

Appreciate it much!

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The code checks out as EVAP emission control system vent circulation malfunction. Sounds like something in the carbon canister or its plumbing to or from the fuel tank has acted up. Don't know for certain, but I'd start looking there. It may be related to your erratic idle problems. Then again, your IAC may have its plumbing blocked somewhat.

You really need to see someone who has more expertise in these matters. Good Luck!

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