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Just Bought Es330

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Hi, I hope you all are doing great. Two days ago, I bought a Black Diamond Edition 2006 ES330 with 83k. I fell already in love with the car and everything about it is great so far :). I need some advice from you for everything about the car starting from fuel type to taking care of the body and anything that I need to be concerned about.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you

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Thank you all.

I want to know first about the fuel type that is recommended. I also want to know if there is anything I need to check or change. Since the car is black, I need to know what the best way to take care of it is. That is pretty much what I have in mind for now.

Thank you again :)

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Hey all of your answers can be found on this site. Do a search and let us know if you can't find the answer. There are some good write ups for cleaning, the fuel debate goes on and on! Oil use what is recommended in the OM you can use a synthetic oil if you prefer but same weight.

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In order to find links we have to go through the same searching process as you.

Go into the detailing forum and start reading the threads, there are great stickies on the top of the page. IMHO you should run premium in the car, but there are some with very different viewpoints...

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Hi and welcome.

I had a 2005 ES330, Black Garnet Pearl, Lexus 7 spoke Chrome wheels. I found that even though the manual called for Premium fuel the 330 ran very well on mid-grade 89 octane. Lexir is right, this debate is consistent, but mostly over the new Lexus recommendations on the new 2010-2011 editions. IMO, I would be comfortable using 89 octane, as I use it in my 2010 ES350.

Oil is a highly personal thing. The specs on a 330 call for every 5000 if I remember correctly. Whether to use regular oil or synthetic you will have to research for your self, since you will get no consensus on this forum. However, I am starting out my 350 on synthetic. Just my own conclusion.

SW is our local expert on detailing and paint care. It can be as involved and time consuming as you wish. Look at the detailing section. If your a do-it-yourself type, go for it. Me, not so much. I have mine detailed every 6 months @ about $190. It's worth it to me than spending a full day or more ruining a great paint job.

Hope this helps.


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