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Tachometer Not Accurate


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2004 w/ 118k miles, recently had the timing belt replaced (water pump, radiator, spark plugs) now the tach will sit at a base line showing 800 rpm when engine is off. Once running,the rpm will consistently reflect the extra 800 rpm. This is intermittent so I can't determine any other coincidental findings (electrical load etc). Any ideas? When the tach baseline is 0 it works correctly but can revert to the error while driving.

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I had my speedometer fail at 42K and I removed the whole instrument panel. There I learned that the speedometer and tachometer needles are driven by two tiny motors. Mine had failed and I ultimately had to have the whole panel replaced. ($700+).

You might try to remove the panel and access the unit from the back. Since the motor is working, perhaps you might give the needle a little nudge and get it back into the zero position.


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