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2010+ Wheel Audio Controls In A 2007-2009?


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Are the steering wheel audio controls in your 07 ES350 broken? Or did the Canadian spec 07 ES350 not come with steering like audio controls like the U.S. version did? I just compared photos of the U.S. specification 2011 and 2007 ES350 steering wheels and their audio controls look identical to me.

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According to there are three different versions of the switch assemblies for the 2007 ES350 depending on how the car is equipped. And ... the switches on the left side and right side of the steering wheel are linked and not available separately. Sewell in Texas doesn't show prices for either the 07 or 11 ES steering wheel switches -- attached is the diagram from the Sewell website ( ) for the 2011 ES steering wheel.

If your 07 ES is still under warranty and the switches are wearing badly, maybe the warranty would recover replacement.

I'd bet the the 2011 switches would fit your 2007 ES but suspect you will be stunned at the price. Based on my experience with buying a just one Lexus steering switch, I'll guess US$600 for the part. After you check the price with your Ontario dealer, please tell me how close my guess is!

Edit: My guess on price may be high since I found a similar steering wheel switch set for the ISF for retail US$290 and a forum member price of about $215 on Sewell's website.

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You've come to similar conclusions I have...the switches can be ordered for the 2010-2011 for less than $300 from a couple of Toyota/Lexus part websites.

What I havn't been able to determine is if the wheel/airbag, cover or connectors have been changed at all...

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I wish i saw this thread sooner! :)

Yes indeed the steering wheel controls from the 07-09 ES should be a direct swap with the 2010-2011 controls. The plugs should be identical, the mounts identical, everything identical except for the exterior faceplate and buttons. The airbags themselves are identical too.

I did a swap on my RX using the steering wheel from an 05-06 ES330, with the airbag and steering wheel controls from an 06-07 GS. The controls had the same plugs, and they work perfectly! I'd assume the same should be true for the 07-11 ES350. It wouldn't make any sense for Lexus to reinvent the wheel in this case, as changing the plugs would require changing the clock-spring and such.

So i'm betting that the 07-11 ES350 wheel controls, airbags, and the wheels themselves should be interchangeable. <_<

I also wouldn't buy the controls NEW. I'd check ebay for a 2010-2011 ES350 steering wheel with the new controls, then swap the controls (remove the 2010 controls and put them on your wheel, and put your controls on the 2010 wheel) and re-sell the wheel back on ebay, hopefully making most of your money back.

Here's a 2010 ES350 wheel with the new controls from LKQ on ebay. I've purchased TONS of used parts from them- its a REALLY good company.

Here are the pictures:



You might want to take your airbag off and check the plugs just to make sure they look right. The colors of the wires may be different (i noticed this when i did the swap on my car) but as long as the wires are going to the right "spots"- you should be good. Also, when i did the swap on my car, i noticed either an extra wire or lack of one wire- but everything still works- illumination and all. It wouldn't hurt to get the wheel, swap the controls, and see if they work. If not, no harm done- just send the wheel back. LKQ will let you do that, their customer service is great.

I'm also in the process of "possibly" doing another steering wheel/controls swap on my RX. I bought a wheel with the controls from an 08-11 GS, which has the same exact "wheel" as used on the 07-11 ES, but the controls are shaped a little differently. Here's some pictures: Wouldn't hurt to check if this set of wiring is the same as yours. My guess is that it would be.





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