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'light Out' Indicator When All Lights Work


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All of my lights work.

Sometimes the 'light out' indicator comes on when I apply the brakes. Here is the catch... it only happens at night, when the headlights are on, and it only happens when I apply the brakes. Even when the indicator light comes on, all the lights are working.

Any ideas???

99 ES300

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Bad bulb filament, corroded socket or bulb base, bad ground ... Start with the cheapest item and focus on the bulbs. Maybe just replace the brake light bulbs if they have never been replaced. I replaced the combination tail/brake light bulbs on our 98 Camry only yesterday (brake filament in one bulb was broken) and even the working bulb looked downright nasty -- the glass bulb globes were very blackened and there was a bit of corrosion on the bulb bases.

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I replaced my two license plate lights with super bright white LEDs. Ever since, whenever brake lights are on for a few seconds, the car realizes something back there is amiss and the dash's 'light out' shows. However, all lights work 100%. I have a hunch that the car knows exactly how many amps/watts/etc. are supposed to be flowing when brake lights are applied and changing those bulbs sets the warning off. My guess is that it's just hypersensitive so a check for corrosion on all bulbs and sockets would be a good start. Bring canned air.

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