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Rear Wheel Noise On Turning Into Corner


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When I am going into a right hand bend my right rear wheel makes a noise like a dry wheel bearing doesn't happen when turning into a left hand bend . I have checked the wheels brakes bearings and cannot find any fault and its not the tires rubbing on the wheelarches before I can only turn into left hand bends!!!!!

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yes as other two replys,99% that it is your wheel bearing,as you turn into the corner the wheel bearing loads up ,check to make sure the noise is coming from the side you think,sometimes the noise seems to come from a certain side but may infact be the other.also try going around the corner and as the noise starts slightly depress the hand brake, it could also be the rear hand brake drum .


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I'll tear it all apart tomorrow and see what I can seee thanks for the info

Total shock and horror I had a jammed on rear caliper on the left side which caused the brake pad to wear down and start scoring the brake disc so after a clean up of the caliper and replaced the rear set of brake pads and one new brake disc later all is back up and running so now all is cool and while I was there i checked the wheel bearings and all is fine thanks for the info guys (Forgot about replying to this post replacement was done that same day)

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