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Where Do I Start? Multiple Codes


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Ok, we have a 2000 RX300, 180,000 miles and has been running beautifully. Maybe a little loss of engine power over the years. Then two days ago coming home from work I get a flashing CEL, a definate loss in power, and the car doesn't want to seem to go into its "last" gear at anything over 40-50 mph. I am also noticing what to me sounds like a misfire.

Cleared codes started engine back up and flashing CEL came back on. Went to autozone and they read the following codes:

P0306 cylinder 6 misfire

P0125 close loop fuel

P0300 random misfire

P0303 cylinder 3 misfire

P1130 manufacuturer control

P1150 manufacuturer control

Where on earth do I even start with this one?

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