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Welcoming A New Member To The Family...


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I would like everyone to meet the newest member of the Morrison family...LOC, meet Marv. Marv, LOC.


We adopted him from the Tacoma Humane Society today. He was $106. He is 94lbs, four year old Chesapeake Bay/Golden Retriever Mix. He is house trained, neutered, and very fun to have around.

He was surrendered to the Humane Society shelter by his previous owners. They left a letter with him. He was left because the couple had a baby that was crawling, and they were scared because of Marv's immense size, compared to a crawling infant. But more importantly than that, they were on military reassignment to Germany, and you cant take household pets there anymore without a 3 month quarantine in the US and then another 3 upon arrival in Germany, at the expense of the owners (about $4,000). Therefore, they had to give him up. We pick him up tomorrow at 9am, and then we are making a trip to PetCo. Dog Food Reccomendations anyone?

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He is turning out to be a pain. Not his fault though. Turns out, he is allergic to corn...anything corn. Cornmeal, corn starch, corn syrup or just plain corn. The vet says its what is causing his chronic ear infections.

Problem is, EVERY dog food that isnt $60 for a 35lb bag, has Corn as the first ingredient on their list. I bought a bag of Purina Dog Chow, before we knew this. I look at the main ingedient on the bag, and its Corn. WTF do I do with 50lbs of open dog food I cant use?

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