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A/c Vent Removal Radio Sagga

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Ok guys, I've been trying to take the radio out of my 93 ES 300...with little luck. I got the bottom was easy, but the top has me stumped. I took off the little clips to expose the screws...but, they are at an angle I can't get to...and even if I did, I'd NEVER get it back togethor. It seems to mee that the logical way to get the thing apart is to take out the vents. The LAST thing I want to do is break them or crack, tear, scratch..breath on wrong the dash. So, are there any tricks on getting the A/C vents out??


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take a thin flat head screw driver and just push the clips forward and they will pop off then you can just pull the vents out.only thing is you have to find the clips because the will fall inside the dash but usally are easy to find.i lost both of mine but it really dont hurt the vent by not putting them back.its still nice and tight even without the clips.good luck

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