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Hello Everyone


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Hello, I don't actually own a Lexus but I want to buy one.

Before I do I wanna ask you guys some questions.

I took a look at a Lexus SC400 with 171,xxx miles for 4,200 Cash price.

Which looked okay, but I turned it on, I heard "clicking" noise coming from the engine. The dude said they were the injectors.. not sure how much fact there was in that? Also smoke came out the engine, (the right side) Not sure if this is serious or normal for those cars? (Which I doubt it is) It wasn't heavy smoke but it was visible. It came from the right side. Also I saw water/condensation in one of the tail lights.. it rained probably a week ago...

Should I just stand back on this one? What major problems do these cars have? It's 1992, Lexus Sc400 with 171,xxx miles.

A few points I forgot about, the car's battery was dead. He had a rechargable jumper... we kept trying and nothing.. the owner went to get a new battery, the battery was too big so he just tilted the bat, and connected both positive and negative ends that's when I noticed the smoke.

He had also put power steering fluid (Which I doubt it has anything to do with that) and water on the radiator, and washer fluid recipient. The engine had oil but it needed to be changed asap. It was very dark brown, the tranny fluid was pink/red.

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