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Removing The Backseat On A 2001 Gs430

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I have already removed the seat cushion, and then I removed the 4 bolts that hold the backrest cushion. It is clear that the top of the backrest has to somehow be detached from the body of the vehicle, and then the entire backrest will be lifted upward and away from the frame. I am unable to do it, either because I am not pulling hard enough, or I am pulling in the wrong direction. Can anyone show me a schematic of what the clips look like that hold the backrest in place? Either that, or an exploded view of the seat and the adjacent metal frame? Maybe simply describing to me how one should pull: forward(horizontally) or upward(vertically). How many clips are there?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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Are there any hidden bolts behind little velcro attached flaps behind the headrests and center arm rest like on my 00 LS? The rear seat backs on most Toyota/Lexus sedans "hang" from a "lip" at the top of the seat back ... usually only need to forcefully lift the seat back up to remove.

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Hey thanks! Yes there is a bolt behind each flap behind the outer two headrests. I read your reply without comprehension-just getting old and senile, I guess. I just discovered the two bolts this evening right after dinner. I will tackle the removal of the backrest tomorrow when I get home from work.

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well, it isn't as straight-forward as I had hoped. I did remove the backrest, and found 3 plastic push pins. I extracted them with the help of a putty knife. I can see now that the deck will not simply slide forward as promised, because, among other things, there are 3 anchors that I assume one would attach a child's seat to. These anchors are held in place by a bolt each, but they are free wheeling and have to somehow be removed. I can see from the trunk side that these bolts thread through a nut and bracket assembly that is welded to the body of the car. How do I get to the anchor bolts so that I can remove them?

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I can see now that the deck will not simply slide forward as promised ...

And who "promised" you that? :rolleyes:

So ... you are now trying to remove the rear parcel shelf. Anything else? What are you trying to accomplish?

I don't have instructions for your GS430 but I suspect the instructions for my 2000 LS400 are similar -- see attached. I'm guessing that you have to remove the plastic "CRS TETHER ANCHOR COVERS" as stated in the instructions and that you will see bolt heads underneath them.


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