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Superbowl Commercials 2011


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Hey guys,

I know it's a little late, but i wanted to share some of my favorite 2011 Superbowl commercials and get your opinions on them as well!

I think we can all use a laugh. <_<

Here's my favorite, from Career Builder. It shows a guy arriving to his work, followed by two cars being driven by monkeys, each parking so close that he seems "trapped" in his car (one car actually hitting him). I think it does an excellent job showing how some may feel "stuck" at a bad job working with a bunch of "monkeys"- figuratively, that is. I think this commercial wins as far as creativity is concerned.

Here's my second favorite, by Pepsi. It introduces a husband a wife in various situations, where the husband is "caught" by his wife trying to eat unhealthy foods. It ends with the husband all alone on a park bench drinking a Pepsi, who is yet again caught by his wife- but this time drinking one of her own (i guess trying to advertise the fact that Pepsi is healthy). Just when the husband thinks he's done something right in his wife's eyes, his wife catches him glaring at a pretty jogger who passes by, which causes her to throw her Pepsi can at him! He then ducks, and the wife inadvertently hits the jogger in the head. I think we've all been caught in a similar situation with our girlfriends/wives! :rolleyes:

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This is another good one, by Doritos. It introduces a story of a guy "house-siting" for his friend. He's seen sitting on his friends couch (with a bag of Doritos) as his friend gives him instructions to "feed the fish" and "water the plants". The story then jumps to a week later when the friend realizes the fish and plants have died due to his neglect. He then crunches up some Doritos and gives them to the dead fish, which miraculously brings it back to life- so he gives some to the dead plant with the same result. Just as he finishes cleaning up the house, he accidentally knocks over his friends' grandfather's ashes! The scene then opens up to his friend coming in the door to find his grandfather back to life! Very creative, but i doubt people are going to think Doritos have magical powers...

And here's one by VW. It shows a kid dressed up as a Star Wars character walking around his house attempting to "use the force" on various things such as his dog and exercise equipment, but to no avail. His father then comes home in a VW and the kid walks to the car and again tries to "use the force" on it- but this time, the car turns on! We then learn that the father was just using the remote fob to remote start the VW. Very creative!

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And here's another car commercial by VW, specifically for the Beetle. It opens with literally a "beetle" scampering around in the woods, passing other bugs and such, showing its performance skills. It then ends with the beetle in the middle of the screen, which then fades to show just the silhouette of the beetle. I thought this one was especially creative as an insect lover myself.

And i liked this one from Bridgestone. It begins with a guy driving down the road who swerves to avoid a beaver who's trying to cross. It then jumps 6 months in the future on the same road, with the same guy driving along who's forced to stop as a tree falls in front of him. We then see that the same beaver he had recently saved was the one who cut the tree down to keep the driver from driving into an overflowing stream, as the bridge that once spanned it had fallen. Very nice example of "karma" and Bridgestone tire braking!

So what do you guys think!? Did i miss any good ones? :lol:

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