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Restabled The Garage


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Shortly before Christmas 2010 my 2001 Camary (used/driven primarily in city, about 18K/yr) was rear-ended and ultimately totaled by the insurance co. I was going to replace this Camary with a 2008 with 38K mileage, but on final inspection the keyfob was not unlocking the doors and had to be sent out to the Toyota dealer for resolution. I said wwe will continue to look -- wellllll, found a 2002 ES with 56K at the Lexus dealer.

Now in the intervening six weeks we have added two more ESs to the gargage, both 2007s and both religiously maintained by Lexus dealers:

The first was a Starfire Pearl, 32K, with NAV, premium plus package, rear factory spoiler, body side moldings, and painted pin stripe (surprisingly looks very good on the pearl). Replaced oil/filter with syn and K&N air filter.

The second ES is a Black Ultra, 31K, NAV, Mark Levison, for which we drove 240 mi to negotiate. Unfortunately, I had to buy a factory spoiler and body side moldings at my wife's request and had my body shop install at about 75% less than the Lexus dealer wanted to install. No pin strip will go on the black ES. Replaced oil/filter with syn and K&N air filter.

Gone are all our Toyota branded vehicles, even the 2005 4Runner Limited/V8 NAV, 50K, and 2007 Camary XLE, 30K. Hated to see the 4Runner go , but if gasoline goes to $5/gal won't miss it that much.

After many years as a driver of another import brand, not the Toyotas, -- the Lexus is in our gargage (stable) to stay

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