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Don't limit yourself to just what the tire dealer says you can get. There are actually more choices available if you increase the load rating or increase the ply amount. The tradeoff is slightly decreased ride quality. Go to Tire Rack, and instead of punching in your vehicle type, enter the tire size. I recently replaced the wheels and tires on my LX and purchased BFG TA KO's from Tire Rack. The ride isn't much worse, and now I have a tire that I can use for moderate off road adventures, something this car was made for! The wheels came from LA Wheel and Tire and are chromed factory wheels. Good luck!

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I replaced the stock Dunlops with Yokohama Geolander GO51 P275 65 18s on my 2007 LX470 and I'm very plased with the overall performance, ride, low level of tire noise especially at highway speeds. The Yokohamas are a very good tire and an alternative to Michelins which are also a good tire but are more expensive and wear out much quicker. I did considerable research on and spoke to a repitable tire dealer before making my decision and after 6,000 miles I would buy the Yokohamas again. I don't go off road but I do travel from Canada to Florida every winter and its a 1,600 mile drive each way all highway and the Yokohamas have been a very satisfactory tire.

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I just purchased Michelin LTX M/S 2 for three important issues for me. Noise levels weather and warranttee. Yes price is important however just like buying the LX b/c its the best and quality assures me longevity then so I pay upfront for the tires. They are so quiet I don't hear them. I paid $915.00 after creating a bid war with different vendors and ended up at NTB for the balance, rotation, alignment and tire pressure stems included. Off road is not important to me in the least. 90k miles warrantte is the best but to get them I had to go from 275/60/18 to 275/65/18. I refused to buy the HP products the cost is a joke. So I am a half inch taller(Can't tell) and it will take 18 or so inches more to stop. Oh well.

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