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Driver Window Problem

Dorian Barnes

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Just finished replacing the actuator for the driver's door lock. Used the aftermarket part "Indiana" suggested. Works Great!!!!!

The window seemed a little sluggish, so I put some white lithium in the rails and hinge points, ran the window up and down a few times. Now it is stuck down and wont do anything! All the rest of the windows are working normally, but can't get the drivers side to do anything!

HELP!!!! PLEASE! Any suggestions? read the post on the on the relay. Is it really a problem? Felt the motor and it was HOT! Let it cool down, then tried again. No success.......

I appreciate the advice and shared experiences.


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Dorian, how many times did you run it up and down continuously? Obviously if the motor was HOT (which it shouldn't have been) that is an indication it was being fed juice when it wouldn't move. It shouldn't have been hot from just 4 or 5 trips up and down. If it doesn't work when cooled really well (overnight) I would try rapping on the motor with hammer handle or something similar. Also release the window from the window regulator ( I don't remember what type of regulator they use) and see if the window runs free in the track. (up and down) I also don't remember if they use fuses on the windows, or breakers. They used to use breakers, but I think more of the cars use fuses now. Try unplugging the plug for the window and use a volt meter to see if it has juice or not when you press the button up. Easy to diagnose hands on, quite a bit harder from a thousand or 2 miles away.

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