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98 Takes Awhile To Warm Up. Same With Everyone Else?


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Frist thing I noticed about my 98 was how long it took to warm up. I mentioned it to my buddy who has a 08 GS350 and he said his was slow too but that's a 6.

Took the 96 out this morning and that thing warmed up real quick. Pretty warm here in Saint Louis today though but I still don't think my 98 would have reached normal operating temp at the same location as the 96.

Just curious.

I think the 98 needs a transmission service. Shifts are a little hard when cold and it seems like it holds first gear awhile which is the same exact thing my BMW does and both are a five speed auto. It's just the shift from 1 to 2 is hard when cold.

I like the 98 a lot and would rather have Lexus do this versus a family mechanic but I will probably get eaten on the labor and pricey ATF fluid. '

Is Toyota an option?

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As Jim says the transmission will shift later when cold in order to light the converters a bit faster and improve emissions. My GS does it as well.

Because of fluid viscosity the shifts are also firmer when cold.

As to warm-up you can simply change the coolant thermostat. That's about all there is to delay warm-up.

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..."was how long it took to warm up."...

What is "it"?

Do you mean the engine to get to operating temperature or the cabin to warm up and be comfortable?

Most likely, as SRK suggests, is the themostat is opening too early or stuck a little open. If it is just the cabin is slow to warm it could be the coolant valve to the interior heater core is stuck and not opening fully. That way you're not getting enough BTUs to the interior. Or it could be the cabin air filter is plugged not letting enough air pass over the heater core. Much like a dirty furnace filter in your home.

It depends on what "it" is....

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The definition of "is", is. Smile

By it I mean the coolant temperature. The coolant level is also low but coolant is pink (a good sign) I'm just sure when it was last changed. Timing belt was two years ago in October so I'm guessing then?

The heater does seem to.blow

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More in phases as the car warms. My 740 will all the sudden flood the car with warm air where this car seems go add a little more warm air as the coolant temperature gets hotter and hotter.

I'm going to check the micro filter today.

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