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RE : 2005 gx470

While driving i can not use most of the functions on the screen with respect to my cell other than 1 - touch dialing ( even then it blanks out the numbers ). When i make a call while driving using my actual cellphone, the call gets transfered to the bluetooth but by the time it gets transferred the person i am calling has already picked up the phone. Its kinda weird. I never ever hear the phone ringing and i usually dont even hear the person picking up the phone and saying hello. There is a lag time of probably 10 seconds between the time i hit "send" on my cell phone and when i hear someones voice on the bluetooth.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Can i change my system so i can use it while driving?

Thanks Again


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The following web page seems to indicate that Coastaltech's "Lockpick 1" will allow the use of your nav while in motion but doesn't say anything about Bluetooth:

Maybe some other company has a device that would enable dialing from the nav screen while in motion.

Have you tried other Bluetooth phone's with your GX to see if they work better? Compatibility varies.

Have you checked the capability level of your current phone? Compatibility level can be checked at

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isn't the whole idea of the screen lockout the same as with nav? to prevent you from rear ending the vehicle in front of you because you are looking at (and fiddling with) the screen and not watching the road?

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