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60,000 Mile Service


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So, both cars we have just hit 60,000 miles (IS350/RX400H). Where do we go from here? besides changing the oil and the air filters (engine and inside glove compartment), what all else do you guys recommend doing? According to the nearby Lexus this is what 60K service looks like:

"Replace engine oil and filter, Replace engine air filter, Replace engine coolant, Replace brake fluid, Rotate tires, Road test vehicle, Courtesy car wash and interior vacuum. Alignment and balance of wheels is recommended, but not included. *Synthetic oil extra.

Inspect the following:

Valves (audible inspection), adjust if necessary, Drive belts, Fuel lines and connections,fuel tank vapor, vent system hoses, fuel tank band, Fuel tank cap gasket, Charcoal canister, Exhaust pipes and mountings "

Can I do any of these on my own? what do yall suggest?


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I just had my girl's car (IS250) taken in to my mechanic for the 60k service. We did spark plugs, oil change, air filter, fuel filter. Checked the brakes, topped off coolant, and looked at the belts, and seals. The whole thing cost me $300 for parts and labor and took about 4 hours from the time I got there till I left. If you have the tools and are mechanically inclined, it is all stuff that you can handle yourself, the parts would be around $100-$150. The only hard part was removing all the bolts to move the throttle body out of the way to get to the driver side bank of spark plugs.

hope this helps


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