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96 Ls400 Idle Goes Up And Down On Park


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i have a 96 ls400 which i have had parked for year and a half and when i went to start it starts up fine in less then 20 seconds idle goes crazy up and down then when i put it in drive the car wants to go with out me pressing the gas. Ive already replaced spark plugs and wires cleaned throttle body, erg, and the icv, also flush radiator and put in the pink coolant also replaced the thermostat. it still idles crazy can some one please help me i need this car running by sunday please... thank you

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First thing to try is clean throttle body and IACV. Make sure IACV valve does not bind should move easily. If you've already done this then you probably have a vacuum leak. Check all the hoses and connections on the intake manifold.

Has the intake manifold been removed recently? Maybe to repair starter motor? If a new gasket wasn't used and improperly installed that would be a leak.

There is a procedure to sniff out a vacuum leak with a propane torch. Search this forum for it. Be careful. Do it outdoors.

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