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20 Inch Rims On Gs300

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Hi there!

I'm new to this forum and I just wanted peoples opinions. I am considering buying rims for my car and I just wanted to know if buying 20inch rims is a little too much. Meaning will it affect the drive and rub under the wheel wells? Some people are telling me to get 19's and some are telling to get 20s. 19s are special order so that makes it difficult when buying tires. Any suggestions?

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what are road conditions like in Ontario? If you have as many potholes then I would pass on the 20"s. You won't be able to get a tire with enough sidewall to give you protection from a bent rim or two. I put 18's on my GS and doubt I would go 19 given the horrendous road conditions around New England due to winter frost heaves.

I know that didn't answer your rubbing quesitons, but something else to think about before you drop the ducats on 20's.


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Our roads out here are just as bad. Some streets are better than others but, for the most part potholes are everywhere. As of right now I avoid every pothole I see with my stock 17's but sometimes I still hit the odd few. 18's seem like a safe bet but I don't want to spend over $1000 for going up one size. I agree I don't want to spend $$$ only to have a bent rim or two but, on the other hand 20's would look sick on the whip! I'll take what you said into consideration. Thanks!

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Main cause of rubbing will be wheel width, wheel offset, and tire sizing. Best to consult with experts and/or experienced owners on this. $1000 budget for upsized wheels/tires will not be sufficient for reasonable quality setup.

19" tires are increasingly common today, so availability and selection is good.

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Try the new Continental performance tires at the They have a descent tire warranty and look great on the Porsche my son has. I'm thinking of putting these on my GS300 when they need it. Also the larger that wheel the lower the side wall and the harder it is for a tire shop to install the tire without any damage to the wheel.

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