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Oil Change Trick

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Someone may have done this before. Who's idea was it to limit the search terms to 4 letters, anyway? Since we can't search for the word "oil" I'll put this on here.

02 GS300; When filling with oil, the design of the oil fill spout causes oil to overflow when oil is added too fast. The oil goes down around the spark plugs and plays havoc with the ignition. A really DUMB design.

My workaround: Realizing that when adding oil air needs to escape at the same time. There is no place to do that except back up through the fill spout. This causes a air-lock and oil can't flow in and air flow out at the same time. I took a straw and inserted it into the case through the fill spout. I cut the funnel tip at an angle to allow oil to flow sideways. This worked great for me. Added a whole gallon of oil at one time and no backup at all.

I will try to add pictures . . . . .




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