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Replacing Light Bulbs Behind Climate Display

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does anyone have a DIY or a link to this, on replacing the light bulbs behind the climate control with LEDs. i have an aftermarket radio and dont need to replace radio lights if thats even possible. I just need to replace the bulbs in the climate control on my 94 es300. was just wondering what number bulbs. i know how to remove center console to get the radio and climate and all that out, but i just dont know where to go from here and if there is any exact directions that need to be followed. saw it done on an older GS in a forum but not sure which site or topic it was under. I searched for the past few days and cant remember where i saw this. Any help or any links would be greatly appreciated. i am goin to replace the lights in my speedometer cluster and make those leds. i already have that write up. now just looking for the write up or DIY on the center console where the climate lights are. ive found an IS write up so i am sure it is similar. but i just want to make sure i order the right LED bulbs and also get my self a few extra.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out with this.... ill check back later to see if anyone has some good info for me (cross my fingers)

trying to go all white instead of that dull green color......

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