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Power Steering Rack

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I couldn't get any answer in european and U.S LOC about my problems as I wrote about Lex after crash, but I am really in a big intrest about those P.Steering rack's and I find out many strenght things about it that from 2006 to end of 2008 L. Is 250 and 350 both 4wd and 2wd they runs away after while and the main thing that Lexus havent thought about that this el.power steering rack wich is quite old to toyota company can fu..... while you doing 120miles per hour or what ever. I've count six persons and about 3-4 customers in Lexus dealer Stockholm where I live at the moment, that el. power steering rack fu.... up and by Lexus statment they changed it for free :) they saying that they remanufactured so I ma wondering what about myne its second time it went of and this time was accsident because of that but car I have now its bought after accsident.

Please let me know everyone who heard about that *BLEEP*y problem or had it because I probably write in a newspaper or something and I wrote to main Lexus couldnt get any answer from them about it I am going to complain about it all over because I cant believe they f...... on that kind of things like steering or acelerator or brakes what a piece of plastic then those cars aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

I just wanna know how often is this and ruffly milage when its wnt off 1st myne 88 000km another car I bought is 65 000km.

So please write every one who may can help or know what to do the thing I want to drive car I have because I still thing cool but dont know for how long :)


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