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How To Replace Outside Driver Door Handle

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Hello my I'm Jennifer. I have a huge problum. Today my driver side door handle hafe of it broke off due to it frezing ice on it. i tryed to open the door but it was frozen closed. So I went on the other side and got in. But when I got out of the car after warming it up I saw the driver side door handle hafe of it broke off. Please help me try to fix it. I don't know were to look for the handle and about how much will it cost? Should I do it by my self or have it done? Please Help me. Thanks everyone.

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I applaud you on your first post, trying to find the answer to a car problem, rather than just take it in to a dealership.

While this is a "DIYer" (do it yourselfer), unless you have some wrenching experience, and the required tools, its best left to someone who has some mechanical knowledge and has worked on cars.

In your case, the interior door panel must be removed, and with the window in the fully up position, the control rod that attaches to the door handle and goes to the lock mechanism, must be unclipped and removed from the door handle. Then two 10 mm nuts have to be removed from the back of the door handle, and then the handle can be removed and replaced with a new or used one.

On some models the door key lock stays in the door at this point. On other models, you also have to remove the wiring harness that lights up the key slot in the handle, as well as the control rod to the lock mechanism from the key slot assembly, before you can remove the door handle. This all depends on which year ES you have, and how its put together.

Lastly, depending on how old your ES is, it may be wiser and cheaper to buy a used handle (change the key lock assembly over if necessary) from a wrecking yard. You might even get a used one in the same colour if its painted. Good luck!

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