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98 Gs300 Dead

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Background: Recently acquired a 98 GS300 from brother that had a dead battery. The car had been sitting for about 3-4 months, so the car was towed to my home, parked in the garage, and I replaced the battery.

The Problem: As soon as the battery is connected, the alarm goes off and whether I open the door with the keyles, or the key itself, or even if I put the key in the ignition annd attempt to start, the alarm continues to go on for 3-4 minutes and the car does absolutely nothing. I mean it is dead, no start, no lights (although I can hear the relay click when I turn on the headlamps)

What has been done so far: I changed the battery in the key fob, tried putting the key in the "on" position for 7-8 minutes and then took out the key and tried to start the car again, still no start, no inside lights, nothing........dead. I called up the Lexus service people at the local stealership, and they told me the same thing about putting the key in for 7 minutes and then trying, but none of that has helped so ar. I got the battery checked by the local autoshop and they said that there was 120% juice in it.

Not new to "Lexi's" but new to the GS, and this problem is really stumping me. I would appreciate any and all help



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Make sure the battery terminals and cables are clean as new and clamped tight cheers.gif


been busy, was out of country for a bit. Anywho, cleaned out the battery terminals with sand paper, etc new screws, washers and tightened the terminals etc. The alarm sounded and turned off itself after a while, I then put the key in the ignition, kept it on the "On" position, came back after 7-8 minutes, took the key out, and put it back in trying to start but still dead. Then I figured that maybe the doors and the hood have something to do with it. So I closed all the doors, shut the hood, and put the key in "on" came back 10-15 minutes later opened door alarm sounded, I took out the key put it back in and still nothing. Battery has 100% charge, terminal squeeky clean, and tight. What could I be missing? Wife tells me to just junk the car.


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when the alarm is sounding

if you lock the doors with the keyfob does that work ?

no the key fob does not do anything, I have a new battery in that too. when I press the unlock button the red light DOES light up but does nothing to the car.

thanks in advance


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