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Speedometer Calibration Question

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Hey guys. i recently put 16 inch 99LS rims on my 92LS which had 15's. my question is with the bigger wheels how off is the speedometer going to be, and lastly how much will these bigger wheels effect my calculation of gas mileage? i know its not going to effect the actual gas mileage but just figuring out how many miles i get to the gallon, ie....the trip odemeter, + or -

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More tire/speedometer, etc calculation sites {these are suppose to be links--but if they don't click, then ignore post}:

Various Automotive Calculators

Metric/English Conversion Calculator

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Wheel Size & Offset Calculator #2

Tire Size Calculator

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AWD/4WD/quattro FAQ

Under the Hood

Driving Techniques

Physics of Motorsport

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Engine Tuning and Performance Mods

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Xenon Headlamp Info

General Swaybar FAQ

Tire Tech

User Tire Reviews

Grassroots Motorsports Articles

Understanding Vehicle Dynamics

Caring For Your Car

Motor Oil FAQ

Chevron Fuel FAQ's

Lubrication Theory

Car Care Tips

Leather Care

Car Care Online A Little Bit of Everything

Chris Longhurst's Speed-Trap.Net

Speed Traps & Radar

Tires & Wheels

Engine Oil


Oil Additives

Custom Car Stereo FAQ's

Reading Tire Dates

Turbocharger Information Links

United Turbo Company

Turbo Technics Limited

What is a Turbo?

Ray Hall Turbocharging Warranty & Safety Issues

Lemon-Aid Car Guides

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

SEMA Warranty Information

Snell Memorial Foundation (Helmet Info)

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