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Anyone Else Having This Problem


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Is coolant staying full? Sounds like a blown head gasket leaking coolant into cylinder and coming out exhaust. If coolant not leaking down then this isn't the problem so easy to check.

Thankyou for the reply. The coolant level is normal, oil is coolant free and compression is ideal on every cylinder.

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Just replaced both knock sensors, still getting codes52,55 . Anyone have any ideas? Most appreciated

Bad tank of fuel? go to different place and get a fresh tank of premium? Then disconnect battery for a bit to clear codes and see how quickly the 52/55 duo returns.

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COdes return after around 2,000 rpms. The did sit for four years. I pumped the tank out and replaced fuel twice along with fuel. After reading and searching I'm thinkg tune up, temp registration, and a few hot laps. Don't know.

I'm stummed. Again, thanks

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