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About To Turn 50K

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My Lexus is about to turn 50k. Is there anything I should do, or service before my warranty expires?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Mainly go over your car with a fine tooth comb to see if you can find any defects that might be covered by the basic warranty. Also check to see if there are any service bulletins (TSIB) and recalls that apply to your vehicle. I found your model and model year (2008 RX350) in one of your previous posts and see that there are about 70 entries in the ARRC databases in the "Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls" topic for your vehicle. That's a LOT but don't worry since many are only informational.

You could ask your dealer to provide a list of the bulletins and recalls but I think it would give you more "power" to get them yourself in case the dealer is uncooperative or uninterested. A service bulletin is normally applied to a vehicle only if the vehicle exhibits the problem described in the bulletin. Some dealers will do the work anyway if it is obvious that the vehicle will likely eventually develop the problem described in the bulletin or, as it has seemed to me, to milk extra revenue from the manufacturer.

In my opinion, the end of the basic warranty is a very critical time for a vehicle owner. Problems not fixed now for free can be very costly to address later.

Just before the basic warranty on my 2000 LS400 expired in summer 2004, I had some expensive parts replaced under warranty including the four chrome wheels and the HVAC control unit. Even though there were other outstanding TSIB's for my car, I declined to have the work done under some of them for my own convenience and my car has never developed the problems described in those TSIB's.

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