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Losing My Mind....

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I park the car. Turn off the car.

30-60 seconds later there is a short (like taping on the steering wheel)"toot" of a horn coming from the rear of the car.

At least that is what it sounds like this. Actually, it sounds more like a horn on an American car than a Japanese car...but it is very short.

I am not crazy.

But that may change! Help!

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Is your mother-in-law sitting in the back seat when it happens and, if so, is she affected by ... ahem .... flatulence?

Seriously ... are you certain the noise is coming from the back of the car? The 90 LS I drove for many years made similar noises shortly after the car was shut off. The noises were caused by the HVAC system "powering down" for loss of better words. It was as if the vacuum in the HVAC system was opening or shutting flaps in the ducts or maybe the vacuum was just bleeding out.

Now that I think about it, my 00 LS makes somewhat similar noises but they are much more subdued. They were very noticeable in my 90 LS.

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