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Charcoal Canister

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i have a 2002 lexus is300. in december an old guy swerved and hit the left rear of my car. i took my car to the lexus collision center to get it fixed. the old guy's insurance was paying for everything. after 2 months of having my car at the lexus collision center the lexus repair guy tells me the check engine light was on, which WASN'T on before the guys hit me because i had just driven to and from vegas not even an hour before i parked my car and the old guy hit it. he then lets the lexus engine dept take a look at my car and they say that my "charcoal canister" is leaking. to make thing even worse is that they said it wasn't caused by the accident so the guys insurance isn't paying for the costs.

WHERE IS THE CHARCOAL CANISTER LOCATED? from my understanding my brother's best friend who's a mechanic says it's located on the rear of the car more specifically the LEFT REAR.

am i being fooled by lexus? i told the lexus guy that the engine light was never on and i wouldn't have driven 4 hours each way if it were on.

please help!!

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