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Cliamt Contol System


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Thanks. I am aware that I can turn of the Auto Climate Control and avoid the cold air blowing in my face when it is 20 below outside. However I don't see why I should have to do that to avoid a design issue of the Lexus. In fact there are many design issues with the RX350 that many people don't care to acknowledge. It seems that there is a cult like following of Lexus owners. The cult (public) has been lead to believe that a Lexus is the perfect automobile. It is in fact far from that.

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I don't think any automobile manufacture is perfect. I absolutely have no problem with the climate control in my GX, didn't have a problem with the one in my RX330... Toyota has the same design or at least did the last time I drove one using the auto setting. My last Mercedes had the same cool air out of the top vents and heat from the floor? I think it is the design of the Auto setting?

All I was suggesting is if you don't like the feature, which you obviously don't...then don't use it. You can just not use it and no more cold air? Solves the problem...

What other design issues are you having with your RX?

As far as the cult like are HERE...........LEXUS OWNERS CLUB! What do you expect all of us to hate the cars that we drive?

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Hi new here. Although I can feel some of the frustration of tommcgraw, I do like my new 2010 RX350. However I have owned other luxary vehicles and have found a few obvious design flaws in the RX350. The auto temperature and the windshield wash spray are two issues, in addition to the obvious and blatant flaw in the arm rest console! Terrible design, inconvenient and very impractical to access.

Again, those design flaws asside I do like driving the RX!

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Does anyone have any complaints about the Auto Climate Control System? In cold weather it over warms and then blows cold air out the center vents to cool it down.

There is a c-best option the dealer can set that prevents the system from switching automatically from heating mode (footwell airflow) to cooling mode (dash airflow) once the cabin atmosphere is heated to nearby the target temperature setpoint.

When I start my RX on a COLD morning, 21F this morning, I always set the temperature to automatic mode and MAX heat, once the blower starts up to an annoying speed I reduce it to a comfort level. Once the cabin has HEATED UP and/or the footwell airflow becomes discomforting I lower the setpoint to my TRUE comfort level and switch automatica mode back on. My MY RX doesn't have that C-best option so I must manually switch it back into heating mode once it swirches into cooling mode automatically.

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