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Air Suspension Stuck On High?


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The 96 in my sig is now my sisters (I picked up a 98; pix soon) but she is having problems.

Said air system is on HIGH and won't lower. Cluster light goes on and off and ride is super firm.

Anyone experience this before? Car had a pump fail a few months ago and back end was all the way to the floor.

Here is the only pic of my 98 right now but I love it!!


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My car has air ride suspension, and when the back end dropped on mine, i had to replace just one of the rear air bag struts. My car is a 1992 LS400. I did not know Lexus offered Air Ride Suspension on the newer LS400's 1995 and later. Please feel free to post more about your car. I also tried unplugging the air ride computer several times and plugging it back in with the car running (computer located in right rear trunk side wall, above the CD-changer, for 1992 LS400)

Also the main solonoid valve on the plastic drier tank , just after the hose from the pump, sometimes gets stuck. I took it off the tank and manually opened and closed it with 12 volts, while simultaneously blowing air through it and WD-40, so as to lube it and free it from sticking open. If this valve sticks open on a 1992 LS400, the pump will run continuously, and more than likely your rear end will drop as well... The air is leaking from the plastic drier tank, and at the same time the pump is trying to keep up and keep the car aired up. If this one solenoid is having issues, maybe more in the system could be also.

Also, to reinforce why i replaced just one air bag rear strut, money for one, but i could hear air leaking from my left rear one. I tried sealing it with that green tire slime and aired up the strut off the car and rolled it around to try the sealing green slime. Still did not help. The new strut is the best way to go, or reman. If just one rear strut leaks, it lets the air out of both rear struts, cause there is not a check valve from left to right, I think. And eventually the whole car will drop to the ground due to the pump not being able to keep up.

I am not 100% about all my theory on this post, but I have fought with mine in the past, and when its working, its a dream, well worth keeping it like it is, and not converting it.

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You might want to check out the ride height sensors; I think there is one for the rear axle and one for the front. They are notorious for giving up the ghost especially if you live in a climate that has any kind of inclement weather. This is a thread for an LS430 but I think the general design is similar:

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