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Need Advise - 1999 Ls400 With 17,000 Miles For $15,995

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Hi Everyone,

The local dealer here has a 1999 LS400 with 17,000 miles going for $15,995 USD. I would like your opinion on what the fair price is.

Also, for car driven that little with super low mileage, what should I be watch out for?

Thanks in advance for your opinion and suggestions.

PS. I have a 1991 LS400 with 124k miles absolutely love it.


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It's is difficult to put a value on a 12 year old low mileage car like that. How is the car equipped, where is it located, has it been properly maintained, what is its condition ... is it flawed with dents and dings or like new, has it been wrecked, etc., etc.

I remember recent threads on both this forum and Clublexus where someone gave $3,000 for a 1998 LS400 with 994 miles which at the time had a Kelly Bluebook private party sale estimated value of $8500 at that mileage. He had to put another $3,000 into it immediately to get it on the road.

Low mileage cars like this are not as unusual as many think and are more often found in retirement/2nd home areas like Scottsdale AZ and south Florida.

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At the very least it should have had a cam belt change not on the mileage but on age,if that's not been done you have to look further into its history.

If its done only 10 miles a week to and from the local grocery store that's a lot of cold starting where most engine wear occurs not to mention wear on the starter motor (see below),plus it would be stop/start town driving over what kind of roads?

500 miles a week freeway driving is better for the engine and the suspension.

I bought my 1994 in 2005 as a JDM import with 38,000 certified miles (converted from 62,000KMs) and have either been very lucky or bought a good one as the only problems apart from routine maintainance have been the starter motor (possibly a lot of short stop start use in Japan) and two lower ball joints ( UK roads with potholes!).

I paid £3750 around $6000 for the car which at the time was about the same age as the car you are now considering.

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I looked into this car and spoke to the owner of the lot. It has not been driven much in the last few years and apparently was an "extra car". According the shop listed on the carfax, it was towed in because it wouldn't start and had a new battery installed. Once done, it started and ran great. He mentioned some minor bumper damage which I presume has been fixed.

I figured you needed to replace timing belt, all fluids and probably all tires due to age at a minimum (I am sure I lft a few things out). My guess is that you would have to spend about $2,000. Adding that to the price it didn't make sense to me. I would not pay more than 12 for it.

I needed to replace a 1997 LS with over 200k. For less than his asking price, I bought a loaded 2002 LS430 with 50k, in part because after 7 years with the LS400 it was time for a change. The additional room and power was attractive to me. Please don't misunderstand, a 17k car is a jewel. For the price he is asking, it just didn't make sense.

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this dosent sound right,, He mentioned some minor bumper damage which I presume has been fixed, the carfax "should" show damage "if it was reported". If not?????? who knows what??

this just sounds fishy to me..... I would just have to pass.... go find the newest LS for $15k you can find and enjoy it.....

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