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Interior Hvac Bulbs


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Some of the bulbs on my HVAC controls have not worked for some time and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of bulbs to get and how they can be changed. I am able to remove the entire panel as I had to when I put in my navigation system. But that is about it. The buttons for A/C, MODE, REAR, Windshield and mirror defrost are all out. Though the status light for A/C and Rear A/C light up, the letters do not.


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I have the same problem so I looked into it.First pull the panel with the hvac.


Remove the five screws on back


The black circles on the back of the circuit board are the bulbs and just twist out

There are 2 different size bulbs


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Wow you're awesome!! Those are wierd looking, where did you get your new ones? What type of bulb? They look like standard wedge type 12v 161 bulbs. But do they come out of the black plastic?

I asked my service advisor how much they would charge because I was unsure if anyone knew how to do it, and there is no way I would pay this much.......

"Hello Mr. Tweedel. I was told that we have to remove the display and disassemble everything to see what light bulbs need to be replaced. the labor is about $195.00, there are 2 differente bulbs that could be replaced. one is about $12.17 and the other one is $2.93. Once we know how many need to be replaced, we can give you the correct estimate. that could take about 2 hours. If you have any questions please feel free to call me and email me. I am off this weekend but I will be here monday at 8:00 am. thank you and have a good weekend."

I sent a reply saying that I can do it myself if he would just tell me the type of bulbs so I can come buy them.

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You cam get replacement led ones.The small ones are 4mm and large are 5mm.You can get them in green.The old bulbs have a green plastic sleeve over them.I may try to pull the old bulbs out and try to replace them with led bulbs from Radio Shack.


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