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92 Es300 Wont Start, Wiring?

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So My buddy had his timing belt and idler pulley replaced at some joe schmoe machanic shop. He towed it there and towed it home because he had his own work to do to it. This guy has put one timing belt on the car before, but didn't change out the idler pulley and it froze up. So he replaced it this second time for free.

Anyways, the car is back together but wont start. It's getting spark. But when you crank the key very little gas comes out, but by jumping the 2 plugs in the diagnosis box the fuel pump fires up strong. Another thing is when you turn the key the fuel pump doesn't turn on to prime the car.

Here's where it gets weird. The car has been running for the past 8 months (before the idler pulley froze) with no enigine main relay, which i found out controls the fuel pump along with the open circuit relay.

I haven't tested the open circuit relay yet.

I haven't checked the timing yet thats next, but like i said before he has done it once some what recently so i wold hope he would get it right.

The distributer never came either.

All the plugs are plugged in, I'm gonna double check the vacuum lines tomorrow.

Tried spray starting fluid into the Throttle body and got nothing.

Any other Ideas? I really believe it has something to do with the fuel pump not turning on with the ignition, but I cant figure out why.

Also I've been told of a fuel pump reset switch in the trunk, but we tore it apart and found nothing.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Ok well it's not the open circuit relay.

I'f got it tracked down to the AFM, but the AFM is good. Although when I skipp the afm and jump the red and green wire comin into it to the white and black one the fuel pump works.

So i've came to the conclusion that what ever causes that stwich to close and allow power through isn't switching it over. can anyone tell me why?

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