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Hello Everybody:

I just bought a 1999 RX300 and i'm having problems with the remote keys. Both keys turn on the car but the remotes are a different story. One of them works sometimes...what I mean is that the lights flashes sometimes....when they do flash the car either lock or unlock perfectly but if they don't the car only open or close a couple of doors not all 5 of them. I think I have a problem with the door actuator on the passanger door that door lock doesn't work, but I close it manually. The lock of the rear left side door can't be closed manually if the lights doesn't flashes if the lights flashes it closes without problems. So if the lights doesn't flash i have 2 out of 5 doors opened and one of them can't be locked.

The other remote, like I said, the key can turn on the car but the remote doesn't work.

I have tried every guide to reprogram the remotes but the car never get into the program mode.

Any suggestions...please


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When you say the lights flashes, what do you mean? The exterior lights or the little LED light on the remote? Have you checked the batteries in the remotes and CLEANED the contacts (with a pencil eraser)? If the little red LED light on the remote doesn't light when you push the remote button, It's not working. Get the remotes working 1st. and then deal with the lock actuators. Do a search on piggyback actuators. The cheapest and easiest way to go, unless your wallet is full and you need to drain some (a lot!).

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