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Odometer Stopped Counting.


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1992 Lexus LS400, with Air Ride Suspension. Drove the car fast through a lake spill-way/ Dip, with the suspension on High/raised up. The Car bottomed out on the landing side of the spill-way. I know one of the rear tires got off the ground cause i heard the RPM Rise. With all that said, I now know what kind of force it takes to make an LS400 RPM Needle get knocked off and go below Zero while the car is still running. Now that is the problem with this car, along with the Odometer now not counting miles anymore, along with the Air Bag Warning Light coming on as well. I hit the dash with the palm of my hand a few times, and can make the Air Bag Warning Light go off and on. Odometer started counting again, like a few days later, but then stopped counting again. Digital Odometer still counts fine, its just the Old School Odometer that is not counting. Any ideas?

I know how to fix the RPM Needle, but if anyone wants to repost for this problem too, please do so for anyone else who is also having the same problem.

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The mechanical odometers are prone to failure. The one on my 90 LS failed at about 125,000 miles. Here is an old thread about them:

Do you know how to fix the RPM Needle that sits below zero after I caused the car to jump a dip/spillway for a lake at a golf course near my house. I saw the post on here, or another forum, saying to pull the needle out until you hear a click, then rotate the needle clockwise till another click is heard then release. test by moving the needle to 3000 then releasing. Should stop on zero after releasing from 3000. If anyone knows the place where that post was or exactly how to retime the RPM needle, please post for me or direct me to the thread..

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The following wonderful website page discusses how to reposition the RPM needle:

i played with the RPM needle and it somehow works.. I wish the site had more info on exactly how to do the needle realignment. reading the text below the pic is not much help. But somehow i got it working from reading the text. Im starting to get frustrated with the durability of my LS400. I thought surely it could handle a jump with the suspension on High. Then again, i should be easy on a 20 plus year old car.

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