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2000 vs 300 im getting a clunking sound like something is loose in the driver and passenger front tires. You can only hear it when you go up the driveway or over bumps other than that its a smooth ride at high speeds. I have done some research and believe its the lower balll joints. If anyone else has any tips or ideas about what it is letcme know.

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Did you figure this out?

It could also be the upper control arm. How many miles on it? I'm changing both the UCAs and the LBJs this weekend. No clunking but too much play in the left front.

It's better to replace them before your front tire goes 90 degrees while you're driving it - not pretty.

Can you DIY? If so raise it up remove tire and rap on the UCA with a mallet. Support the car and use the jack under the LBJ to simulate load and do the same with the LBJ if it sounds solid you're probably fine, if not you'll hear it for sure.

It's not a tough job on these wonderful cars and the parts are much cheaper if you shop around.

Good luck ...

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Did all that as well. Pretty much a new front end in parts. turned out to be exhaust heat shields. took it to a muffler shop and had them put on a new exhaust i ordered. sounds perfectly fine now. no clunks, rattles or anything.

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